Now, there are a few things you should know about Slytherin – and a few you should forget...


Next time some (clearly wrong) person tries to tell you that Idris Elba was miscast as Heimdall, look them straight in the eyes and inform them that Idrissa, his full name, literally means ‘Immortal’ in Senegalese

The son is just the shadow of the father.

Loki Architect Of Ragnarök by apfelgriebs

Loki Architect Of Ragnarök by apfelgriebs


According to Wikipedia, “Heimdall” possibly means “the one who illuminates the world” and I think about that every time I see this gif


And the woman said, The serpent
beguiled me, and I did eat.
— Genesis 3:13

Beguiled, my ass. I said no such thing.
You say I lost the gift of Paradise.
I couldn’t lose what I never had.

You say the serpent tempted me to eat.
You omit that he entered the Garden
on two legs and walked like a man.

And here’s what your story always ignores:
I had pure gold, rare perfume, precious stones,
but Adam hadn’t touched me all those years.

Perfection in the Garden didn’t mean that way.
Not having it and not wanting it
was God’s idea of perfection, not mine.

So when that serpent strolled up to the tree,
all upright and fine, he threw off the balance,
and I began to pray, Oh, let him be mine.

When he held out the apple, so round and lush,
when he stroked it to a keen red glow,
I didn’t fall to temptation — I rose to it.

I ate that apple because I was hungry.
I wanted what lay outside of Paradise,
a world without the burden of perfection.

Now you call all sinful women my sisters.
I say, let them claim their own damn sins.
The apple may not be perfect, but it’s mine.

 - Diane Lockward, Eve Argues Against Perfection (via grammatolatry)

“‘screamo’ isnt music”

“‘dubstep’ isnt music”
"rap isnt music"

"justin beiber’s a little shit"

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My boyfriend just reblogged a, “reblog if you don’t have a boyfriend or a girlfriend” 

For many this would be distressing. 

For me, as a genderqueer person who is not his boyfriend or girlfriend, it cracked me up. 

On a disturbingly particular fetish


I’m into some weird niche shit that’s kind of really embarrassing. It’s not particularly disgusting or harmful but a bit of an irreverent and disturbingly particular fetish. My boyfriend knows about it and has even participated in it with me (and enjoyed it) but I don’t push the envelope because I get the impression he’s just not that into it and is patiently waiting for me to stop wanting it or something. I enjoy all of the other things we do in the bedroom immensely so I can’t understand why this is bumming me out so much. Thoughts?

What’s your kink, you silly freak? This is all anonymous. The least you could have done is entertained us with your fetish.

I’m sure the reason you’re so bummed out is tied to the fact that you’re too embarrassed to even type it out.

Quit being ashamed. That’s a wasted emotion when it comes to sex, because I assure you, whatever dark and sticky shit you’re into, there are a bunch of bored Germans doing it somewhere on the internet at this very moment.



Imagine your icon playing with a baby kitten.

Well okay. 


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The people wonder that they have for so long a time looked for comfort in vain. Jeremiah 8:20

And lo, across the dust and through the ruins of Before they came. They sat atop growling monstrosities of chrome and steel, clad in purples and scarlets. Never did they remove their sunglasses to reveal their eyes; yea, not even in darkness. Yet brightness flickered about the edges, a lacuna of starlight around mirrored lenses. Their limbs were lengthened, distorted, and when they smiled, it was with red red mouths of too-sharp teeth.

But their arms were full of strength, and their hands bore healing, and blessed are they who welcome strangers. For thereby some have entertained angels unawares.

for Gabi, who suggested archangels as an all-female motorcycle gang roaming through a post-apocalyptic wasteland saving souls